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As the use of prescription drugs has been expanded and pressure has been exerted on the Food and Drug Administration to approve new drugs, more people are suffering serious damage from pharmaceutical products. Some drugs have been removed from the market while others remain in the market yet cause harmful effects in patients.

At Schlichter Bogard & Denton, we are committed to protecting the rights of persons injured by pharmaceutical companies that put profits before patients. We are an experienced leader nationally in pharmaceutical litigation and have successfully taken on the largest drug companies on behalf of our clients.

ABC News Investigation: New Studies Find Yaz More Risky Than Other Leading Birth Control Pills.

ABC News covers the story of Carissa Ubersox, a young pediatric nurse who blames Yaz for causing her to go blind and nearly killing her at the age of 24. As reported by ABC, while all birth control pills carry some risk for causing blood clots, multiple studies show that Yaz has a two to three times higher risk than other birth control pills. That is, Yaz users are two to three times more likely to suffer blood clots than users of other birth control pills, according to the studies. Blood clots can cause death and serious, permanent injuries, including blindness.

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